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  • Online Card Payment

  • Visa / Mastercard
    Now you can improve service to your customers by offering card payment at registration.

       Visa      Mastercard

  • Invoicing

  • Automatic invoice
    Your invoice sent with the confirmation email that goes out to the participant after the registered.

    The invoice you design automatically distributed to the participant. You do not have to send invoices and administration on this. The invoice attached to the confirmation email as a PDF file. You choose which of your event that you want to use automatic invoice.

  • Own invoice layout
    Send your invoices easily through the system. You will easily follow up on payments and reconciliation.

    With a custom invoice layout, you invoice that you want.
    Contact us and we adjust your invoice.


Below we are publishing our customers most common questions

Credit card payment

How do I activate card payment for an event?
You activate the card payment for each event where you want to give the option of paying by card.

Click on "edit" so you can edit the current event
2. Scroll down to "Payment methods".
3. Select the "Selectable" if you want the customer to choose to use the card or not, Remember to also add an alternative payment method that the customer can choose if it does not want to pay by card. Select "Required" to be the only way to register is by also pay via credit card.
What does it cost to use the card payment?
Card payments have an inspection fee of 4.4%. You decide how much of this charge to be added to the fee, respectively. included in the price. If you have a Swedish company, you not impose any additional charge.

Billing Questions

How do you bill the organizer?
We invoice monthly in arrears.